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Mega-Sena Lottery - Huge Jackpots that also Gives Back to Society

People all over; enjoy the excitement of playing a variety of lottery type games of chance. There are thousands of daily and weekly opportunities around the world, where the right sequence of numbers can chance a life forever. Mega-Sena is once such opportunity at life-changing fortune.


Mega-Sena is similar to the popular lottery-type draw game and is operated by the Caixa Econômica Federal Bank of Brazil. It is the biggest lottery of its kind in the largest country in South America. Once only available to citizens living in Brazil, Mega-Sena is now available in multiple countries around the world. It has helped to generate millions of dollars directed to worthy national causes.

History of the MegaSena Lotto

The Caixa Econômica Federal Bank was formed in 1861 to help encourage a national savings plan for the countries where it operated. 100 years later, in 1961, Caixa Econômica took over all Brazilian lotteries, holding that distinction today. The same initial founding ideas have been maintained for the last half-century. The bank's aim is to cultivate dreams of financial independence, while generating monies aimed at advancing the quality of life in Brazil.

Profits from the now worldwide sale of Mega-Sena tickets are directed to the Treasury Department of Brazil, and then funneled into worthwhile educational funds. Other avenues where the funds are directed are into ventures designed to encourage social awareness and advancement of minorities.

The whole structure of the Mega-Sena Lottery continues a century old founding principle of the Caixa Econômica Federal Bank, which was to educate the poor population on the value of saving and financial preparation. Over the years, many financial institutions tried to accomplish the same objectives, but to concentrate the focus more towards humanitarian aims, the were all combined and placed under the direction of Caixa Bank in 1967.

Although there are a few lottery type games of chance in Brazil today that are not overseen by the bank, all of the lotteries with substantial prize values are. In addition, Mega-Sena - and similar lotteries - is the only ones with a structured percentage diverted back into the welfare of the country's people.

Participating Countries

Originally, Mega-Sena was only sold to residents of Brazil. If a player wanted to participate, they had to travel to the South American country to both purchase a ticket, plus redeem any winnings. That is no longer the case, as Mega-Sena tickets can be purchased in many retail shops worldwide, plus available at internationally recognized online ticket vendors.

Three of trustworthy websites offer ticket purchases via email: LottoKings, The Lotter and WinTrillions. The Lotter as has a phone based option that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. There are other outlets to buy Mega-Sena Lottery tickets, but these three adhere to SSL certificate and buyer protection policies to protect the privacy of players.

Anyone over the age of 18 can play Mega-Sena, except in a few regions of the United States due to jurisdiction restrictions. Check the review quality of any online ticket concierge service before electing to use your payment method paying for any online lottery game. The previously mention three vendors have excellent reputations.

How to Play MegaSena

Playing the Mega-Sena Lottery is very simple. The design is similar to other pick-6 digit games. The numbers range from 1 to 60. A neat twist to the Mega-Sena format is the ability for players to choose as many as 15 total numbers. As the number of selections goes up closer to the 15 number limit, the price of a ticket increases, but also so does the chances of winning.

Famous for being the largest lottery game in Brazil, Mega-Sena is generally regarded as one of the most stimulating lotteries available to worldwide lottery enthusiasts. Mega-Sena draws a great deal of its support from its dedication to social development, but it also guarantees astounding jackpot prizes.

There is also an interesting twist to how the numbers are selected in Mega-Sena. It's a slightly different method of playing than what is normally used in standard pick-6 lotteries.

As mentioned, the player selects 6 numbers from the range 1 to 60.

However, the first number can be anything from 0 to 5, and then the second number is picked from between 0 to 9. If 0 is drawn, then it is mechanically tallied as the number 60. This system means the winning numbers drawn in the lotto result in six exclusive two-digit numbers being produced. Consequently, as an alternative to one machine picking all the numbers from 1 to 60, two numbers are selected specifically for each winning number.

Mega-Sena is a rare type of lottery selection process, in that players are given a chance to work some level of probability into their first two choices, since the number of options is dramatically lower. This is a big difference between Mega-Sena and conventional lottery games. It is one of the appealing extras that have thousands of people playing multiple cards every draw date.

Weekly Day Draw

Mega-Sena produces incredible weekly jackpot prizes. Drawings are every Wednesday and Saturday at 2:00 pm Brazilian time. All weekly drawings happen during each week in the entire year, plus there are special drawings every fifth draw, plus other special occasion Mega-Sena prize drawings, the most noteworthy being a New Year's Even lottery.

The special draw on New Year's is called the Mega Da Virada and is famous for being a huge jackpot amount. There is no better feeling than ringing in the New Year with an unbelievable windfall. The Mega Da Virada does not roll over to subsequent years.

If there is no winner at the 6 number prize tier, the money all rolls down to the next tier. This is one huge feature of the New Year's Day special draw, which makes it a hugely popular lottery event. With such a huge payout and a roll down feature guaranteeing someone wins the ultimate prize, the Mega Da Virada is one of the highest played lottery options in the world.

How To Win at MegaMillions

Prize Tiers

There are three prize tiers; allowing different ways to win playing Mega-Sena. Players how match four numbers will win the lowest tier, called Quadra. There is also a winner for the second price, Quina, when five of the numbers drawn are matched. If all six numbers are picked correctly, the ticket jackpot is called Sena.

By splitting the prize winnings into three levels, this means that the amount is divided between a few people, instead of just one hopeful winner. This makes for bigger jackpots. The percentages are broken down with a gradual reduction from the Sena winner down to the Quina. The high prize bonanza for 6 out of 6 correct is 46% of the jackpot amount.

There is a 20% even percentage split between the second and third tier winners. At the end of all jackpots for the year, a 25% fund is dedicated to special draws, such as the New Year's Eve. Similar to the roll down on the New Year's special lottery drawing, the split of large winning amounts between three tiers of winners helps boost the international appeal of Mega-Sena.

Another interesting side feature of having a three tiered prize format is producing more winners. The original theory behind the Mega-Sena lottery, and other multi-tier games, was to give people a better sense they had a chance.

This helped to increase the self-esteem of normal everyday citizens, silently making for a better society. Mega-Sena is more than just a lottery game where some lucky person wins all the loot. It has a balanced tier structure designed to make everyone feel they have an equal chance.


The Mega-Sena game experience is smooth and user-friendly, but the most appealing feature is the huge prize jackpots. Prize jackpots are regularly well over a million, with the most recent top tier prize set at £1,745,791.38.

Since there is a 22% total lottery draw transferred to every fifth draw, jackpots are always steady. Lottery fanatics love the appeal of Mega-Sena's healthy jackpots that build from one week to the next, culminating with the 5th week draw sometimes being a huge payout.

Always be attentive for potential lottery scams. Only use trustworthy sites that have a long history of player reviews. It is also good to use common sense when playing different lotteries. Selecting lotteries like the Mega-Sena, with long standing histories, you can help avoid being taken in by a fraudulent game.

Mega-Sena is no longer just for Brazilian citizens and it offers lottery players an exciting chance to win life-changing jackpots. Players also can be comforted with the idea that even when they do not win, the proceeds are being used to promote causes that benefit all humanity. The Mega-Sena Lottery is a winning situation for all who take advantage of the fun.

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