About The German 649 (6 aus 49) Lottery

The German Lotto is among the biggest in Europe. It has a low price per line. Besides that, it has some great prize tiers, huge jackpots, and three bonus games. It is well managed, which makes it an excellent lotto.


The German Lotto is a community that encompasses 16 independent lottery companies within the federal states of Germany. These companies handle gambling throughout the country. The companies are run on the principles of responsibility and reliability. Their job is to provide state-approved bets with the objectives of prevention of crime, protecting gambling, and keeping it playful. Their aim is to promote the common good of the country. Thus far, they have managed to stay focused on their objectives and fulfill their duties quite well.

The name of the game is how you play the game. In German, this lotto is called the 6 aus 49, which translates to 6 out of 49. If you understand that, you are already a pro at this game. After the main six balls have been drawn, one more bonus ball is drawn. The number is supposed to correspond to a preexisting ticket number that you had bought for you to win.

The German Lotto offer players three bonus games. Two raffle games are drawn each Wednesday with three games being drawn on Saturdays. These are all numerous ways for you to win in what is one of the biggest lottos in Europe.

How Does Betting on the German Lotto work?

It name “6 out of 49” pretty much explains how you play. You will only need to pick six lucky number and hope you win. You can choose to pick the numbers yourself or let the system quickly pick the numbers for you. The German Lotto allows you to play up to 12 games each time. You can also choose to pick all the number for all the 12 games at one time.

At the bottom of each bet slip, there is a ticket number section. The number is the same as if you would buy a physical 6 aus 49 ticket number in Germany. The ticket serial number is not just for official use only; it also has its purpose in the game. The last part of the ticket serial number is the Super number.

While in other lottos you would win for hitting all the six numbers, in the German lotto, you have to match all the six numbers plus the bonus ball number. The result is that hitting the jackpot is quite difficult in Germany. It has led to major rollovers over the years. The German Lotto has some of the biggest jackpots as a result of this. Depending on how you play the German Lotto, you can have the opportunity to choose your super number. For some, that is a big deal since they feel that they now hold their fate in their own hands.

How is The Jackpot Won?

We all know football players and people in other sports are amongst the highest paid people in the world. However, if you play the German lotto, you will have an opportunity to make as much as they do with significantly less effort. All you need is to have some luck on your side.

On the night of the draw, six numbers are drawn; for you to get the jackpot, you must have predicted all six numbers correctly. Besides that, you must win the superball number. However, even without the jackpot, you will still win many great prizes.

The Cost of Playing the German Lotto

Playing will set you just €1 per line. However, it may cost you up to €2 depending on which option you choose. If you choose to play the bonus games, you will also have to incur an extra cost. However, any costs that you may incur are quite tiny compared to the potential price that you will win if everything goes according to plan.

Participating Countries

The German Lotto is open to players of all countries. However, it is important that you must be over the age of 18. You can play while in Germany or through a service. If you choose to use a service or someone else, ensure that you can trust them with your winning.

What are the Chances of winning at the German lottery?

It will take a small miracle for you to win. However, many people have been able to demonstrate in the past that it is possible to win the jackpot. Thus, although the odd currently stand at 1 in 95,334,200, it is still quite possible to win. You should read on to understand how your odds fair.

Weekly Day Draw

The draw is held every Wednesday at 6.25 p.m. German time. There is also another draw held each Saturday at 7.25 p.m. German time. If you miss any of the draws, you do not have to worry. The numbers are posted on the official site of the German lotto. That way, you can still claim your price later, even when you were not there to watch the draw.

How the Lottery Ticket Number is Determined

The lottery number is an important part of the German lotto. On the physical tickets sold in Germany, the number is usually pre-printed. The number is usually generated at random using a random algorithm. That means that nobody knows which number is going to win until the draw takes place.

In order to increase trust in this number, audits are often held. It is done to ensure that the German people do not lose trust in any results that come out of the lotto. Besides that, an audit is done in order to ensure that the rules of fair play are not violated. The aim is to keep the lotto fun and accessible to anyone who wishes to try their luck.

Understanding the Bonus Ball

The draw for the bonus ball takes place after the six main numbers have been drawn. You will require this number if you hope to win the jackpot of the German Lotto. If it so happens that the last number of your ticket serial number corresponds to the bonus ball, you will have won the jackpot. The number cannot be changed if you buy a physical ticket in Germany. That means, your fate is usually tied to the number that the German lotto awards to you.

Prize Tiers

1. Game77

Apart from the main jackpot draw, there is Game77 in the German Lotto. It is the first among three ruffle draws of the German lotto. The raffle is played with all the seven digits of your ticket. For you to win this raffle, all the games must correspond to the 7 numbers drawn. Besides that, they must match each other in the exact order as the drawn numbers.

If all of these numbers match, you will hit the rolling jackpot. This jackpot begins at €177,777. With rollovers, this number easily exceeds two million before a winner is found. Besides that, there are six other prize divisions for you to win. The second prize is won if you match six values. If you do, you will get €77,777. However, due to rollovers, this figure is usually much more.

2. Super6

The super6 game is quite similar to Game 77. The six numbers drawn must be similar to the last six numbers of your ticket. Additionally, these numbers must be in the same sequence as those on your ticket. There are numerous prizes to be won, which start with a minimum guaranteed jackpot amount of €100,000 in the bonus draws.

3. Lucky Spiral

The last of the three German lotto bonus games is the lucky spiral. This draw is only held on Saturdays. It is simply an opportunity for you to walk away with some money. Thus, even if you choose to use it for a Wednesday draw, it will only be viable on Saturday. For you to win a prize with this draw, you must have your ticket with you. As with the other bonus draws, you must predict the numbers and match the order of the numbers by matching just one number; you will win €10. All the prize divisions have a fixed value.

One of the most interesting parts about this bonus is that you could win a lifetime prize. In short, you could get €7,500 a month for the rest of your life. Since the state runs it, you are assured of this promise. The reason for this is that state tends to exist pretty much forever. It is an easy way for you to begin your retirement. All you have to do is match all seven numbers and in the exact order in which they are drawn. Although it is quite difficult to achieve this, quite a few people have been able to do so.


The minimum jackpot prize is €1 million. However, winning the jackpot of the German Lotto is quite hard. The result is that there are usually many rollovers. Right now, the Jackpot price stands at over €40 million. However, that does not mean that it is impossible to win. There have been quite a number of winners. The jackpot has been quite transformative in their lives. It is also worth noting that German Lotto has no caps on the bonus amount. You will get everything that you win.


However, you should note that all the information provided here is just a guide. The German Lotto is the final authority on how the game is played. To ensure that you have the latest information about the German Lotto with you, you should watch out for any announcements they make during the draw. They will usually explain the rules before making the draw.

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