About The Powerball Australia Lottery

The Powerball Australia has a reputation for being one of the most generous lotteries down under. If you are lucky enough, you can become the winner of a glorious jackpot amount. The jackpot amount starts at a minimum of AU $3 million with rollovers each time a winner is not found. The result is that the jackpot amount has been known to reach ridiculous high figures. For instance, there has been a winner of AU$ 80 million due to the constant rollovers.

Powerball Australia is run on the principles of fun and fair play. It is submitted to regular government audits to ensure that everything is done in a free and fair manner. The result is that trust in the lottery has continued to be strong for many years. Playing the Powerball Australia is quite easy. Read on to understand the simple rules that you will need to understand for a crack at the jackpot.

History of the Powerball Lottery in Australia

Powerball Australia is modelled after the American lottery. After its launch in 1996, it quickly became a household name with many Australians trying to win the jackpot amount. However, the lottery can trace its history much farther back than that.

Its humble beginnings can be traced back to the 1930s when the lottery was introduced in the country as a way to deal with the shortfall in funding for state hospitals. The Lotteries Act was passed in that decade, and a Director of State Lotteries was appointed. The first draw was done using 100,000 wooden marbles using a wooden scoop that could only hold one marble a time. Eileen Morton was the first person to win the lottery in Australia. With the amount, she and her husband built a waterfront house and still had enough left over for a cruise to Fiji.

Since the launch of the modern Powerball Australia, its format has only changed once. The change was enacted in 2013, which meant players had to match more numbers from a smaller pool of balls than before. Previously, players had to match five numbers ranging from 1 to 45. Besides that, they needed to match the Powerball number found in a range of 1 to 45. Under the revised format, players must match six numbers from 1 to 40, and a Powerball number from a pool of balls labelled 1 to 20. The result is that the odds of winning have gone way up. Now each time, there is no winner AU$ 10 million is added to the jackpot during a rollover.

To date, the largest jackpot amount was AU$ 80 million. The prize was finally won in 2009 with two ticket holders winning the prize. However, it is important to note that the Powerball Australia rarely has any joint winners. In most cases, there is usually just one winner, unlike its American counterpart.

How To Play La Primitiva

Options for Playing Powerball Australia


It is a perfect option for you if you are in a rush, but you want to play the Powerball. The numbers are generated randomly using a complex algorithm is a flash. There are seven options for using the QuickPikcs option. All of them allow you to choose from as little as 6 games to as many as 50 games in one instance.

Mark a Coupon

If you have some really special numbers that you think will help you win, you can mark your own numbers on a coupon. You only need to grab a coupon at a local Power lottery outlet and mark six numbers in the first panel plus a Powerball number. You can play up to 50 games if you use the online option.

System Entries

This option greatly increases your chances of winning. For instance, to win the main Jackpot, you would need to pick six correct numbers plus a Powerball number. However, a System 9 allows you to choose nine numbers. That is equivalent to 84 standard games. To use this option select the "System/Pick" option when you purchase a ticket online.

Pick Entries

This option guarantees you one or two of the winning numbers. You can use this option with a QuickPick or a marked coupon. For instance, if you play Pick 5, you are assured that one out of the six winning numbers is yours. You will only have to choose the remaining 5 plus the Powerball number.

PowerHit Entry

If you use this option, you are assured of winning Powerball number. If you use this option, you will also qualify for multiple prize divisions. For instance, in the main Jackpot, you will only need to match the first six numbers.

Top Up Your Games

Whether you are playing a Pick Entry, System, or Standard game, and you have marked only a few panels, you can request to play a bigger entry. You will only need to request for a Top Up. You only need to tell the retailer about the extra games you need to be topped up. If you play online, you only need to use the 'QuickPick row' or 'QuickPick un-filled games' options to activate this feature.

What about when you Travel?

If you are going to travel for work or the holidays, you may still want to make your entry into the Powerball. You do not have to pass up the chance to become the fastest millionaire in Australia. You can repeat the same numbers you fill in for up to 10 draws. Thus, if you are feeling particularly lucky about a set of numbers, you can use them multiple times.

The Players Club

The Players Club is an important part of the Powerball Australia. The card is a great way to protect your winning. If you have the card, nobody can claim your win on your behalf. With the card, the amount can be accredited to your account or a cheque can be sent to you. If you win the big price, the officials of the lottery could even call you to let you know where to collect it.

If someone tries to claim a prize on your behalf, they will be asked to produce this card. In short, it gives you an assurance that you cannot be swindled off your money. If you lose the Player Club card, you can put a security stop to it. That way, nobody can claim your prizes on your behalf. To put the 'stop' on the card, you will need to call the Powerball officials.

The Players Club card is also a great way to store your favourite games and numbers. If you have such a set of numbers, you will only need to produce the card and ask the lotteries outlets attendant to pick numbers from your 'Favourites' list.

Participating Countries

The Powerball Australia is open to all people from all over the world. However, you need to be sure that the country where you come from, gambling is allowed. Even tourists are allowed to participate in the Powerball Australia. You can also get someone else to play the Powerball for you. However, it is up to you to ensure that the person or agency, which you choose to play for you, is trustworthy. The officials of the Powerball are not responsible for any swindling that you may face while attempting to win the jackpot amount.

Weekly Day Draw

The Powerball is drawn every Thursday. However, the draw times can differ depending on the state in which you live. For instance, in Victoria, Tasmania, and Queensland, the draw takes place at 7:30 pm. However, the results are usually available by 9:00 pm. To be sure, of when the draw will take place, you should check your ticket. It will usually have an indication of when the draw takes place.

What Happens when you Miss the Draw

If you miss the draw, you do not have to be too worried. Information about the winning numbers will most likely be contained in your local daily newspaper. Besides that, you can find the information on the Powerball Australia website. However, you need to be fast about it, or there could be a rollover.

Prize Tiers at Powerball Australia

The Powerball has eight divisions of prizes. All of them offer you the chance to walk away with a good chunk of money. If you are lucky, you may never have to work again for the rest of your life.

1. Division 1

The top tier of the Powerball guarantees you a windfall of at least AU$ 3 million of tax-free money paid out in a lump sum. You have a chance to walk away with this amount every Thursday night. If you are lucky, you could win an amount of $50 million or more.

Winning this amount is quite easy. You will only need to match 6 numbers that are drawn from a pool of marbles labelled 1 to 40. You will then have to match the Powerball number that is drawn from a pool of numbers labelled 1 to 20.

2. Division 2

You will need to pick six numbers minus the Powerball number. You stand to win an estimated $310,438.

3. Division 3

You will need to pick 5 numbers plus the Powerball number. You can win about $5,697.

4. Division 4

You will need to pick 5 regular numbers. You can win about $176.

5. Division 5

You must pick at least 4 correct numbers plus the Powerball for a chance to win up to $60 in prizes.

6. Division 6

You have to pick 3 numbers plus the Powerball. You can win an estimated $38.

7. Division 7

You must pick 4 numbers for the opportunity to win about $25.

8. Division 8

You have to pick at least two numbers plus a Powerball for the chance to take home about $13.

Jackpots at Winners Powerball Australia

The Powerball Australia

The minimum Jackpot amount is AU$3 million. There are rollovers each week with an additional $10 million each time a winner is not identified. Every player has a `chance of 1 in 76,767,600 of winning the jackpot. There are no caps on what winners can collect. The biggest Jackpot amount was $80 million back in 2009.

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